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Eli Car keys🗝 24HR Locksmith Services

24/7 Emergency Lockout & Lock Change Service In Brooklyn
Open 24 hours
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15% Off at Eli Car Keys

Jul 17, 2019 – Aug 17, 2019

Eli Car Keys knows priority and emergency needs of car locksmith service.
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Eli Car Keys Offerig 20% Discount

Jul 12, 2019 – Aug 12, 2019

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Jul 4, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019

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Jun 26, 2019 – Oct 31, 2019

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Eli Car Keys🔑 Providing 20% Off

Jun 19, 2019 – Dec 31, 2019

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Jun 13, 2019 – Nov 30, 2019

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Jun 6, 2019 – Nov 30, 2019

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May 29, 2019 – Nov 30, 2019

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20% Off at Eli Car Keys🔑

Jul 8, 2019 – Nov 30, 2019

Eli Car Keys is available 24x7 to provide emergency car locksmith service at affordable price.
We provide services at various places in NYC including Brooklyn, Queens, Clinton Hills and other nearby areas. Pls do get in touch with us again if you need locksmiths.

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  • Car key copy

    Car key copy start at 95+ , depending on make and model
  • Lost or Broken Car keys/remote ?

    Depending on make and model, prices between 120-300
  • Ignition fix / Replace

    Ignition fix or replace about $250 for most of the cars.

Locksmith services

  • Car lockout

    Starting price to open your vehicle is $95 to $140 depending on the car model

Lock Change

  • Dead Bolt

    We supply and install Dead bolt and high security locks price range $75-$250
  • Door knob

    We supply and install Door knobs and high security locks price range $75-$250
  • House Lockout

    We can get to you home in last then 30 minutes and the price range is around $125 not including parts


a month ago
I want to thank mike for his fast timely service, he is truly a car lock professional. No problem seems to worry him and he put you at ease. Hope I don't need to call them again:) but if I'm ever in that lost key situation again I have their number in my phonebook.
- Matthew G
a month ago
Eli is a life saver. He works quickly and diligently. He is determined to get the job done. I was locked out of my car, and he came and sorted everything out. My car had a funky alarm and he did not stop trouble shooting until he got the car to start. Highly recommend his service !!
- Khalid C
2 weeks ago
Professional service. The tech showed up real quick and unlocked my car in less than a minute. He was polite and really chill.
- Donna A

Eli Car Keys🗝 is your local locksmith

Eli Car Keys 🗝

Anything left unguarded is defenseless against the thieves or burglars that may come to steal it when the owner is away, that is why most people use locks to secure their valuables and assets. As a result, we rely on our keys to grant us the needed access each time we want to enter into our homes, cars, offices, and stores every time. But, these keys that we depend on to grant us access without failing have their own vulnerabilities. They can be misplaced, stolen and in some cases, they can get damaged, and they generally don’t give their proprietors a warning before the wind up stolen, damaged or missing. This kind of situation can be very awkward and confusing for proprietors that don’t have a backup or a proficient locksmith on speed dial. Eli Car Keys was founded to provide prompt and round the clock solutions to proprietors amid these kinds of scenarios. Eli car keys is your finest supplier of emergency lockout, automotive lockout, commercial and residential lockout services and we give our customers 100% satisfaction and more on all our lockout services. If you are looking for quick and effective way to access your property in the event that you can't find your key or your key is damaged, we'll be happy to work on it for you. What's more, we offer the most competitive services, and we make it our priority to grant you access without delay.

About us
We are a company committed to furnishing our customers with the best, quality and fast locksmith services throughout the city of New York. We've acquired a wealth of knowledge fixing all kinds of locks – on cars, front doors and on the doors of corporate buildings – and we apply these experiences in all our projects. We are not only focused on furnishing our clients with fast access to their properties, but we also make sure that these services come at almost no cost to them.
Our Experts
It is very easy to misplace something as petty as a key, and every now and then they get damaged, and they do so with a prior warning. In the event that you don't have a spare, you possibly will be locked out of your property for a long time. It is on this ground that Eli car keys has assembled a team of proficient experts that are well experienced and passionate about helping customers amid these circumstances. Our experts are well trained and have acquired a wealth of knowledge installing and repairing all kinds of locks/keys.

Our services
-24hours car lockout services
You don't have to stress about being locked out of your car ever again, Eli car keys has got your back all day every day. We work round the clock, and we make it our priority to arrive promptly wherever we are needed. Our experts have acquired a lot of experiences working on both old and new model cars, and you can always count on them to grant you access to your automobile on time.
-24hours commercial service
Locked out of your store, office or workplace? Don't stress! Eli car keys is always happy to help you through this kind of scenarios. Give us a call, and our locksmiths will come to you right away with the right gear and tools. We can also change your locks for you if you don't want the old one, and in the event that you want to replicate your keys, we can also help with that. Call us today for the best commercial services. ·        
-24hours Residential Services
We offer the premium residential lockout services through New York City, and our services are very affordable. On the off chance that you are locked out of your house because you can't find your keys or your keys are damaged, you can call us and our experts will fix it for you on the spot. Give us a call today, and our experts come to your doorstep immediately.
-Ignition change/repair
Are you experiencing any trouble getting your car started because you can't find the keys to the ignition? Eli car keys is a specialist in all matter pertaining to ignition replacement and repair services. Our services are available 24/7, and we give our customers 100% satisfaction on all our services. Give us a call today to enjoy our top of the line services
-24hours emergency services 
You don't have to stress over losing your keys in the middle of the night, we offer 24 hours' emergency services across New York City, and our prices are very competitive. You don't have to go about looking for solutions; we'll bring the solution to where you are, and we'll waste no time in tending to your needs. Call us at any time, and our experts will come to you with all the tools needed for the perfect execution of your project.
Security camera services
Eli car keys is your premium provider of security camera installation services. We use the most innovative tools for our security camera installation services, and we provide services that are personalized to fit the needs of our customers. Call us today for your security camera installation services and our experts will show up at your doorstep on time to give you the Grade A services. We are constantly prepared to give quality administrations to every one of our clients in New York City and crosswise across the world, and we work nonstop – all day, every day – consistently.

Residential locks maintenance tips
For locks to have great functionality and for them to perform efficiently as it has been designed, it needs to be maintained regularly.locks should not be taken for should always undergo maintenance. Locks tend to be forgotten or neglected not because of it's not important or residents are careless or how irresponsible they are it's just how things work. 
But why is it important to maintain your locks?
The locks are an important part of your homes because if these locks are neglected the security of homes tend to hang on the balance. The locks won't work properly as intended, and in the case of a break-in attempt, people tend to change the locks more than normal, and they end up spending more than they should. Trusted locksmiths share advice on how to take care of the maintenance of the locks to make them function properly and give great security. 
Clean the locks
Door locks are used regularly, but dirt tends to accumulate over's Really not that difficult in cleaning the dirt off, all you need is a little mild soap and warm water with a sponge to clean it properly,  be mindful though, try not overdoing it by using harsh soap because it might end up not only cleaning your locks, but it would also clean the finish off the lock as well. If you can't do it yourself, you can have a locksmith do the job for you. They have tools to help clean and leave your locks as good as new. Lubricate the locks
This is a very important step for lock maintenance.lubricating the locks increases the durability of the locks and make the locks function as intended.locks should not be neglected they need to be should be done at least once few months or once yearly. Some locksmith uses WD-40 as a lubricant while some use dry lubricant called graphite powder while some use triflow because of the less harmful chemicals that are not harsh on the locks.
Make spare keys
Making spare keys can turn out to be very useful since keys and locks go hand in hand. Most time the keys tend to deteriorate before the lock, but crafting spare keys extend the lifespan of the may be confused on how a key can help the lock because keys do not get worse. When a key is used in the lock to either open or lock the device, a bad key might malfunction and scratch the lock, and when this continues for long, the lock tends to misbehave. But if there's a spare key for the lock even if the key is rusted or bad the spare key is there as good for use, as new thus promoting the lifespan of the lock. 
Deadbolts and laches
Deadbolts and latches are an important part of the locks to be maintained because it adds to security and better functionality. Make sure the deadbolts and latches work properly. Ensure this part of the lock works properly because if the deadbolt is malfunctioning it might be damaged. One way of carrying out deadbolt maintenance is by making sure that when you routinely check the locks ensure to also check that the deadbolts are functioning right and that there is enough space for the deadbolt to extend and retract. If the deadbolts are neglected, issues of damage may end up making the owner spend a huge amount of money. A damaged deadbolt goes a long way to also damaging the lock, so it is best to tackle this problem before it arises to save you from a huge loss.
Yellow Pages

What sort of car key do you have?
  No one ever really sits down to ponder on the make of their car keys or what sort of key their car keys. This is quite unfortunate because knowing what sort of key your car uses can save you from a lot of stress. Picture this scenario, you lose your car key, and while you're trying to search for a replacement, you realize you don't even know what sort of key it is, other than the fact that it is, well, a key that opens your car. We're here to remedy that by sharing with you the different sorts of car keys that exist.  
The Switchblade Key - The Switchblade key is a personal favorite of children because the key can be flicked in our out whenever needed. The switchblade key is also very cost effective because it can be removed. If your key breaks or bends, you can always have the metal fixed without affecting the head of the key and the same goes vice versa.The Smart Key - As the name implies, the smart key is usually a very smart key that can be activated at the touch of a button. Smart keys don't have metal keys that need to be inserted into the ignition. Smart keys can switch on the radio and the air conditioner. Some smart keys are very sensitive, and they can sense the proximity of the car meaning if you forget to lock the car, and you walk away from it, some smart keys will lock it up for you. The only downside to having a smart key is the cost for replacing or fixing such a key. Fortunately, some cars that use smart keys also come with a traditional basic key.The Normal Key - The normal key is the basic key that most cars have. These are simple cut keys that can easily be duplicated. They aren't expensive, but their downside is that they provide very little security for the vehicle.
The Master Key - The master key is simply just that, the master of all keys. The master key can open several doors. In establishments or companies, the owner of the company or the manager will have a master key that can open all the doors in the company. Cars with master keys are usually a bit more complicated than that. Master keys for cars are linked to their engine management system which makes them very risky. If you lose your car's master key, you may have to replace the entire engine management system. Fortunately, newer cars don't use master keys, so you don't have to worry if you're buying a newer car. The Remote Control - The remote control usually comes with the basic car key. The remote control is used to control alarms, unlock and lock the car. These remote controls are not keys, but they can control some of the car's actions. The remote control is usually powered by a battery, and it makes use of infrared signals to communicate with the vehicle.   The Transponder Car Key - car keys with transponders have an electronic transmitter that sends out a code each time you try to start a car from the company. If your keys code does not match the code of the car, the car will not start. This key was created to fight car crime. If you lose your key, you may have to go to your car's automobile shop to have a new key programmed.  These types of car keys are some of the most popular types. If you want a locksmith, who is experienced enough to handle these types of car keys in Brooklyn you should contact Eli Car keys🔑 a company that has been in business for over eleven years. For twenty-four hours emergency locksmith 

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