We are a company committed to furnishing our customers with the best, quality and fast locksmith services throughout the city of New York.
We’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge fixing all kinds of locks – on cars, front doors and on the doors of corporate buildings – and we apply these experiences in all our projects.
We are not only focused on furnishing our clients with fast access to their properties, but we also make sure that these services come at almost no cost to them.

Our Experts

It is very easy to misplace something as petty as a key, and every now and then they get damaged, and they do so with a prior warning.
In the event that you don’t have a spare, you possibly will be locked out of your property for a long time. It is on this ground that Eli car keys has assembled a team of proficient experts that are well experienced and passionate about helping customers amid these circumstances.
Our experts are well trained and have acquired a wealth of knowledge installing and repairing all kinds of locks/keys.

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Eli Car Keys🗝 is your local locksmith – 24×7 Hours Lockout Service.

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